Fake Degrees from Fireworks and Sex! University
Get a degree in whatever the fuck you want.
Need a University Degree in something to prove your expertise?   Fireworks and Sex! University will make you an esteemed and distinguished degree in anything you want - we do not give a fuck!   Want a doctorate in basket weaving?  You got it.  Want to be an engineer or a doctor?  I mean you won't be really, but you can still have a degree that says you are.  Just click your little credit card info or send some bitcoins through that shopping cart and we'll create and send you an official degree from one of the greatest hypothetical theocratic universities in all the land.   
 While our degrees may be considered credentially impaired or perhaps even useless to some small-minded haters and employers, that hasn't stopped a whole lot of other shitty institutions of higher education printing diplomas on stock paper and handing them out for thousands of dollars.  Our degrees are as useful as a degree in Liberal Arts and a relative steal for just one  (1) payment of $29.95.   Insert your name and degree of choice then give that credit card a run in that shopping cart over there and we'll get you your very own degree within 2 weeks - years faster than our competitors.    

All diplomas are signed by University Dean Davers Flavours, who has several degrees from F&S university, including dual P.H.D's in Phrenological studies and audio-neurophysiology, a J.D in anarcho-nihilist law, a masters in poetry and an undergrad degree in zoo keeping.